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DIY N64 Controller

DIYWant to make your first microcontroller project? Why not start with the N64 controller protocol? Read through the article to learn how to do this. The controller’s inputs are updated automatically. The data line is read when the controller is triggered ... read more

Arduino Based Capacitive Touch Screen

ArduinoArduino based projects are quite complicated and is no cake walk for beginners in this field. Interfacing a tablet with the microcontroller is a daunting task. Let see how its done here. The primary focus should be on using the appropriate ... read more

DIY Motion Triggered Camera

DIYAre you an adventure freak? Do you enjoy outdoor trips? Then what you need is a motion-triggered wildlife camera. Why don’t you try to make one on your own? Read through to know more. The materials required to construct the device ... read more

Your PC Needs Some Illumination

Case Mod, PC Try to lighten up you PC by using LED flex lights to surround the casing. The result will be much appreciated when the room is dark. The chain is housed in rubber plastic which makes more light to be ... read more

Android 4.0 Hack Resulting to HQ Camera

Hacks Give the camera performance of your HTC a little boost by allowing 20Mbps 1080p video. This is an added sensation where you can increase the 2MB size cap of still photos. Just make sure that the ROM is ... read more

Let Your Wrist Carry an Apple II Computer

Apple In the world of techie people, everything is achievable. Also, everything will always come in handy. The use of Appalm, an Apple II emulator, will make things work nicely. The watch could be small and some text may ... read more

Hacking Car Wipers for Easy Control

Car How do you want to have your wipers become more intelligent? In this way, they could remember how frequent you need to use them. But of course, this will need the help of an ATmega8L microcontroller. When you ... read more

Put the Pong Game Into Your Hat

LED Do you want to be noticed after dark? Here s a simple creation that was inspired by drunken chats and contributed to one of the wearable electronics. You will notice the two 21×10 dot displays where each is ... read more

Teapot Model Illustrated by Grafikdemo

Mod 3D animation in a very old computer such as the Commodore CBM cabinet is one very interesting creation that can amaze anyone. This physical wireframe model is named as Grafikdemo which allows a playful way of exploring the transition ... read more

Making a Lamp Out of a Blender

Mod Don’t throw away your old appliances because they might just be turned into something worth useful than their original use. This old blender showcased a lamp with a slightly frosted, heavy, fluted top part and chrome plated steel ... read more

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