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LED Clock Using PIC

LEDNow you can always know the exact time. With this design you can have an atomic clock in your room. Isn’t that great? Read on to know more. First of all, it is not about any radioactive elements here. This is about ... read more

Mobile Based Credit Card Reader

Cell PhoneRecently a new Android application called Square has created a lot of buzz and the speciality of this application is that it allows you to use your cellphone as a credit card reader terminal. This project explains the working of this ... read more

MPD Control Panel

DIYLinux is being extensively used by business personals as an operating system on their workstations but still there are some issues with this operating system as you don’t find an easy way to lock the screens of your computers when ... read more

Sensing Suit for the Blind

DIYShark vision suit simulates the Shark’s ability to sense objects around its body, giving a blind person a new type of sense. It has been discovered that human brain quickly adapts to any information to compensate for a loss of function. ... read more

Light Detection Device Using Arduino

DIYWant to try out some new circuits? Why not try to construct the light and temperature sensor? Read on to know how to construct this. An ambient light detection device is the subject of build in this case. This is constructed ... read more

3-in-1 FlashLight

DIYWant to avoid the problem of carrying three different flashlights to perform a test? Why don’t you try integrating Ultra Violet, Infra Red and visible light together in one flashlight? Read on to know more about this. The multi-tasking flashlight is ... read more

Reverse Engineering a Display Using Arduino

DIYThe aim of this project is to use reverse engineering to revive a dot matrix display. It is basically a trial and error process focused on finding the appropriate power connection and its working voltage. An Arduino compatible board was used in ... read more

Producing Animations Using Arduino

DIYThe main objective of this project is to accomplish some basic Arduino functions, such as images and text display, or even animations with an LCD display. The requirements of the project are listed below: Arduino Board ARTMEGA 328 with Arduino 1.0 OSX A panel ... read more

DIY 3-axis Accelerometer

DIY, LEDInterested in making a three axis accelerometer? Want to make it for some fun? Or do you want to produce an interesting object that can be used in your car or just to entertain some visitors at home? Read on ... read more

Measuring Electricity generated using Arduino

ArduinoHome-made electric power generating installations and devices are a nice alternative for dropping your energy consumption bill. This alternative energy suppliers guarantee that only a minor amount of money spent on this. For example, in the case of solar power, ... read more

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