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Automation Circuit for Antique Clocks

Hacks, HomeThe ultimate aim of this project is to automate the start and stop procedure of an old grandfather clock. Read on to know more. The automation circuit has to be done and integrated with the clock without dismantling it as this ... read more

Timer Hack

HacksNormally, the timer clocks we find in stores have to be plugged in to the electrical current to work. It becomes very difficult when you require something that works on batteries The best solution is to build yourself one. It ... read more

PSP Speaker

DIYIt turns out that the PSP, being a great portable console lacks the strength of a correctly equipped audio. The bass is not quite as good as it should be, but it is nothing that can not be solved. First of ... read more

Gyroscopic Camera Stabilizer

DIYA camera stabilizer can be a very cool thing to have. It allows to place the camera in a spot where it will receive intense movement in several directions, perhaps even at the same time. This is great for taking ... read more

Wireless Hot Water Heater Display

General, Home, LEDThe major issue with solar water heaters is that it should be close to the places that require heating. Now this can be solved very easily. Read on to know more. In order to solve this, a wireless temperature display was ... read more

Automatic Playlist Changer

Home, PCFor sure, more than once you must have experienced a “panic” sensation when an undesirable song comes out on your random music playlist. At such times the natural tendency would be to rush to the stereo and change the song. Well, now ... read more

Automatic Door Opener Using Smartphone

Arduino, Cell PhoneEverybody knows that electric garage doors open automatically using the control provided by the manufacturer or installer. That is totally usual and everybody can do it. But how about opening your garage door using your smartphone? This is a project conceived ... read more

Innovative Car Windshield Wiper

Car, LEDFind it too hard to drive in the rain? That too with the wipers moving about at a random speed? Now you can control the speed with which the wiper operates. Read on to know more. Most vehicles have two different ... read more

USB Controlled Night Light

LED, PCOriginally, IKEA has some night stand lights that resemble a ghost. This lamp can work in several colors as it has different LEDs. Combinations in Red / Orange and Blue / Green are currently out in the market. The purpose of ... read more

Arduino Timer

ArduinoThis project answers to the need of having a timer that could be seen from a large distance, and that which also provides a strong bell sound. Ideally this is designed for a gym or any other place which is ... read more

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