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Sending Hellschreiber Using Arduino

ArduinoThis article is more on telemetery and how it can be achieved using Hellschreiber. Read through the post to know more about it. Hellschreiber, an early form of the facsimile teleprinter system was developed in the late 1920s and it still ... read more

LED Light Box

DIY, LEDFor beginners, it is their first project that gives them a boost. And in order to get that, it is always necessary to make sure that the project that you select is really useful. One such project is the RGB ... read more

Remote Controlled Surveillance Robot

DIY, Radio FrequencyThis post will provide you with the basic information on how a remote controlled vehicle can be constructed. Read on to know more about this. The components required to construct the vehicle is listed below: 1.2Ghz 1000mW Receiver+Transmitter USPS Priority Mail boxes Hitec Optima ... read more

DIY Semi-Automatic Paintbrush

DIYGot a new InkShield and planning to make an Open hardware project? Then why not try making the Semi-Automatic Paintbrush. Read on to know more about this. Any work of art can be copied using this and the components that are ... read more

Voice Activated Door Opener

SoftwareWant to learn some Android programming in your free time? We’ll tell you how to hone your android programming skills. Read on to know more. The android application known as SL4A can be really helpful in such a situation. This application ... read more

DIY LED Camera

DIY, LEDThe process mentioned below shows how we can convert the LEDs to the light sensors so that it can be used for many other purposes also. Read on to know more about this As the Blinkenlight Shield has 20 of them, ... read more

DIY Self Parking Toy Car

Car, DIYEver heard of the term “Self Parking”? This is nothing but an automatic parking system that is being integrated in modern day cars. All the information about the area surrounding the car is obtained using various devices such as cameras, ... read more

Reverse Engineering a Photo Frame

DIY, HacksDefinitely, the best way to find out how stuff works is reverse engineering. Besides knowing how things work, reverse engineering can also be used to define new applications for the same product or object. This is what has been done with ... read more

IO Port Expansion Using Arduino

ArduinoThe article will be more of a guide on how to use Arduinos and I2C for expanding I/O ports. Read on to know more about this. The article describes a very simple way to expand I/O ports using a couple of ... read more

Interfacing Using FT-2232

Circuitry, DIYWant to know an easy way to interface devices? We’ll tell you how. Read through this article and find out how to interface with an external SPI and I2C devices over USB.The advantage here is that this project is designed ... read more

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