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DIY RFID Spoofer

DIY, Radio FrequencyWant to make something unique? Then why not try the RFID Spoofer? Read on to know how to make this all by yourself. The circuit described in this article is a small RFID spoofer that can be made at home. It ... read more


ArduinoHave you ever heard of the TribeDuino? It is nothing but a POC that makes use of an Arduino to read a Korg Monotribe audio-encoded firmware file. Read on to know more about this. The TribeDuino only calculates a checksum in ... read more

ATtiny10 Game

DIYHave you got a microcontroller with a program memory of 1 byte and 32 bytes of SRAM? Do you feel that an In-System-Programmer may not be able to program it? If you feel that way, then why not use it ... read more

IR Shield

DIYOne of the most interesting features in boxee is that it allows you to control devices through a web or android based remote. Nevertheless, most of our electronics are not configured for this kind of interaction yet. The basic and common ... read more

Android Video on LED Matrix

LEDIt is possible to display video directly taken by your phone to a large RGB LED matrix. Even though it is not a project for amateurs, due to the need of the use and elaboration of relatively complicated libraries and ... read more

Tracking Mouse Movements Using LED Display

LEDWant to try out something cool in your free time? Read through the article to know how to make some cool projects. Here, a small “toy paint” on a dot matrix display is being done. The mouse acts as the ... read more

Teensy – Low Cost Harware Interfacing Platform

ArduinoThis article throws light on a low cost hardware interfacing platform, especially one that is required for flight simulation. Read on to know more about this. This is based on Arduino which is very basic level hardware programming system. The Arduino ... read more

Controlling Arduino Using Android

ArduinoThe article provides some basic information on how to use an Android device to read sensor values from an Arduino, that too with the help of a low cost bluetooth serial device. Read on to know more about this. The circuit ... read more

Hardware Circuit to Crack Your Passwords

Circuitry, DIYAre you crazy about hardware and embedded systems? Want to make some hardware related projects? Then the best thing to start with is to make a tool that would retreive passwords from PDF-files. Read on to know more about this. There ... read more

DIY 6-pin MSP430 Device

DIYWant to build a mini project? Don’t want to use a 14-pin MSP430 in your project because it occupies a lot of space? Well, you can now make use of the new 6pin MSP430 device. Read on to know more ... read more

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